AI Companion for Software Testers

We are the industry-first AI Co-Pilot for enterprise testers built from the ground up for SaaS applications to optimize testing operations faster, cheaper, and more reliable.

Harness the power of LLM to augment your testing

Reduce your time to market by our customized models for testing Traditional and LLM powered Apps.

Bring explainbility to stochastic behavior of LLM by quantifiable matrices like biasness, toxicity, hallucination etc

We combine data from your incident and defects to expose testing blind spots

We use privacy aware cloud or on-prem dedicated LLM to generate test and test data for effective testing

Reduce the friction between Product and your Customers

Our proprietary OrangePro(™) LLM significantly reduces manual testing workload, reducing the testing time for both LLM and non-LLM apps. It's like having a top-notch Test Architect

AI driven testing

Revolutionize your testing with OrangePro, the pioneering Automated Evaluation Framework. Harness the synergy of Gen-AI and LLM to transcend traditional app testing, ensuring comprehensive coverage from Prompt Playground to Production Monitoring.

Unique MicroLLM Technology

Unique Micro LLM Technology Employs a customer-specific micro LLM to learn testing activities and generate a domain-specific knowledge graph. This leads to improved testing efficiency..

Feature 02

Identify Test Gaps

Quickly apply filters to refine your customer incidents lists to expose test gaps.

Feature 03


We integrate with Servicenow and JIRA


Parameterized playground for effective prompt comparison.

Multi-modal Testing

Comprehensive support for multi-modal applications, setting a new industry benchmark.


Use filters to drill down on incident list and how they align with test gaps.